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What are your fees?

My fees include 50 minutes of time together, assessments, resource sharing, and ongoing email and phone support.

  • $300 for a single session

  • $275 per session for a package of 4 sessions ($100 total savings)

  • $265 per session for a package of 6 sessions ($210 total savings)

  • $250 per session for a package of 8 sessions ($400 total savings)

Schedule sessions at your own pace. We can work together short or long-term. Some people like to start off with weekly or biweekly sessions, and then move to monthly or as-needed sessions. If you purchase a package, any additional sessions will be at the package price.

Can I meet you first?

Yes! I do free 20-25 minute discovery sessions over phone or video to see if we feel like a good match for each other.

How do I know if we will be a good fit?

There's a lot of things I look for when I'm interviewing potential psychotherapists/coaches etc., and like anything this is a skill that you can improve over time! Some of these things include:

  • Whether they have the right training and skills

  • Whether their style matches with the style I know works for me

  • If they can answer my questions in a forthright and clear way

  • My gut feeling when I look at their picture/talk with them/interact with them

  • And more!

What is executive functioning?

I've written a short article to help you learn what executive functioning is, or to go deeper you can read about what the 12 executive function skills are. Check out my blog if you're wanting an even deeper dive into the underlying biology and development of executive functioning.

Where do we meet?

I do sessions in person and over zoom all across the country! If you're wanting to meet in person in the Boulder/Lafayette area, I and other executive functioning coaches find it to be highly effective to meet in public areas where you might normally be working. Research has shown that the recall of knowledge is increased when someone is taking a test in the same room where they studied. Likewise, working on executive functioning skills in your local coffee shop, library, or grocery store, can increase your capacity to access those skills after our session. I also have an office at Boulder Healing Hub where we can meet if this suits your needs better. I don't generally meet at peoples homes unless there is a specific reason to do so and we have already been working together for some time.

Do you do video sessions?

Yes I do! Sometimes, the person we need for support lives halfway across the country. If you are in the Boulder/Denver area however, I do prefer to work with people in person for two reasons: It helps me to have a gage of how someone is doing energetically through a process we call in contemplative psychotherapy "exchange", and it helps me to help you to co-regulate. Since a lot of executive functioning difficulties can arise from fear/discomfort, supporting someone in co-regulating and re-training their nervous system to not fear certain executive functioning skills is a big part of how I work with clients. However, if we live far away from each other, or it's helpful for you from an accessibility or other viewpoint, then yes by all means lets talk about it.

What's the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Very briefly, psychotherapy is a method of treatment and relationship that encourages one to learn about themselves, and in so doing, break habitual patterns that lead to suffering. While coaching often ends up having the same impact, the methods are different. Coaching is more goal-oriented with specific outcomes in minds. It delves less into the emotional and energetic body than psychotherapy, though this is still a part of coaching work, and works more with 'measurable' outcomes.

I have another question!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I am happy to answer them! We can also set up a free 20-25 minute discovery call/video session and I can answer your questions there.

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